Oklahoma State Montage Square Shot Glass


Oklahoma Montage Shot Glass


Here's a brand new, rare and hard to find souvenir collectible shot glass from Oklahoma sold and distributed by World By Shotglass and fulfilled by Amazon.com. It's a 5x6cm style shot glass measuring 2.25" tall and 1.8" in diameter. Please check out World By Shotglass's other listings of photo albums and shot glasses from all over the world. Most of these shot glasses are extremely rare and hard to find and would make any shot glass collection look so much more interesting and unique. It has come to our attention that cheaper imitations are sold by others on Amazon and elsewhere...Please be sure you are aware of that before you buy. World By Shotglass offers a full line of embossed photo albums from many US, Caribbean and Central American destinations as well as 800+ unique shot glasses and refrigerator magnets. Thanks so much for your interest!